Generocity 'March to End Rape Culture Broadens Message with Name Change'

This year’s March to End Rape Culture (formerly known as SlutWalk Philadelphia) on September 27 will be the most collaborative march in the event’s history. The march this year has the most co-sponsors, speakers, and volunteers than any other year, according to lead organizer Christie Eastburn.

“The Philadelphia SlutWalk chapter rebranded as the ‘March to End Rape Culture’ last year in an effort to be more inclusive and to diversify its participants, sponsorship, and volunteers,” said Eastburn in an email.

“In addition to being a less polarizing name for the event, the rebranding of the SlutWalk into The March to End Rape Culture also helps in broadening the scope of issues that are addressed in relation to rape culture beyond just focusing on victim blaming and slut shaming.”