From “Slutwalk” to March: Philadelphia Brings Rape Culture Awareness

As Anna Frangiosa patiently sits, bundled on the brisk October morning, gripping tightly to her homemade signs, she knows the two-mile march is worth it.

Burlesque performer and resident of North Philadelphia, 39-year-old Frangiosa has always advocated against sexual violence and the victimization of women in American culture. Helping raise awareness of rape against women, the March to End Rape Culture is the first united event she ever attended in the city to stop “victim blaming.”

“I think there’s still a lot of people who think this is a joke and obviously it’s not. It’s important that people be visible about this as a way of encouraging gender equality and ending rape.” Frangiosa goes on to explain how the media subjugates women, who eventually become only pawns in a man’s chess game.